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If you do one thing…

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Sign the e-petition to ask politicians to stop the cull of badgers. The petition needs at least 100,000 people to sign it before government will consider debating the issue in parliament. However, because the badger cull debate has already seen its fair share of u-turns and ignoring of scientific findings by authorities, those of us fighting the cull want to see as many signatures recorded as possible, making public opinion on the matter simply impossible to ignore.

I am going to assume that because you are on my blog, you are either my mother or you have at least some interest in wildlife and conservation. I am also going to assume that because you are still reading this piece, you find the issue surrounding the badger cull in Britain of interest. In which case, I will ask you again to please sign the e-petition.

If you’re still uncertain about what you’re signing and fear that you may be aligning yourself with extreme animal rights activists and an anti-farmer movement, fear not. The petition merely requests government employs an alternative approach to culling badgers in the control of TB in cattle. Vaccination is already a viable alternative but it is being developed even further with plans to make an oral vaccine for badgers widely available. Those of you that follow my work will recall my 2011 BBC Wildlife feature that highlighted vaccination as a viable alternative to culling. There is further information about all of the options and science on the Badger Trust website.

The UK has already extirpated a long list of animals, many of which were seen to be somehow incompatible with humans and our farming practices in particular. Don’t let the badger join the lynx, white-tailed eagle, osprey, wild boar and wolf. Sign the petition!

Remember to sign the Wild Dog CITES petition

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There is still time to add your name to the petition to list African wild dogs on CITES. The African Wild Dog SOS Fund and the Zimbabwean Painted Dog Conservation project are lobbying to have this endangered and declining species recognised by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora at the 2011 meeting of the CITES Animal Committee. Please add your name.

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Sign your name to get wild dogs listed on CITES

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Somehow, despite there being a mere 3,000 left in the wild today (that’s potentially less than that great symbol of conservation, the tiger), the African wild dog (or painted dog) is not listed on CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

This absence is because there is a misconception that no trade exists in these charismatic and endangered canids. However, this video has blown the lid on a major trade with the Far East and shows how wild dogs have been taken from the wild and dumped in horrendous conditions in zoos for many years now.

Please sign this petition to support Painted Dog Conservation’s drive to get wild dogs listed. If you have any doubts or would like to understand the situation more, follow the links and watch the entire movie. Today, there are as many African wild dogs in zoos in China as there are in the wild in South Africa. If the species is going to survive, this can’t continue.

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