Welcome and introduction…


I am a British-based conservation photojournalist, author and professional field guide. This blog features news, announcements and updates of my work in these areas.

My broad background of field skills, academic qualifications and professional experience complement my work and goals as a photojournalist.

Growing up in South Africa, the conservation of African wildlife played an important role in forming my values and career and it continues to feature heavily in my portfolio and plans. I also believe that my training as a professional field guide allows me to work with a heightened ethical awareness towards my environment and photographic subjects in the field.

My Bachelor’s degree in Publishing and my Masters degree in Photojournalism have given me the skills to take my photographs and messages to a global audience. These engagement skills were honed further during the six years I worked in communications roles in the UK conservation sector for organisations such as The Wildlife Trusts and the Galapagos Conservation Trust. Communications and engagement remains of the highest priority and my website, blog, e-newsletter and social media platforms are some of the vehicles that I use to strategically engage my audience.

In 2008, I made the decision to commit my immediate future to one big conservation photography project and to establish myself in the industry for a conservation-focused way of working, whatever the cost. By the time I had published my first book Underdogs in 2011, my work documenting the endangered African wild dog had featured in books, exhibitions, magazines, online articles, major competitions, talks and wildlife documentary films.

By investing in my first major project in this way, my way of working secured me contracts with the agencies Nature Picture Library and Photoshot and I was soon commissioned by BBC Wildlife to deliver projects with the same journalistic candour. I have also worked closely with other magazines, such as Wild Travel, Outdoor Photography and the South African title Go magazine.

Fundamentally, I believe in a collaborative approach to tackling the biggest conservation threats facing our natural world. I am not involved in photography for personal gain but, instead, to be a communicator for change.

Please check back on my blog regularly or follow me on Twitter to see what new stories I’m working on and what new photo safari itineraries I have announced. Conservation Photojournalism is also on Facebook, which is a great way to interact with me and the followers of the page. Don’t hesitate to get in touch at neil@conservationphotojournalism.com if you are interested in any of my work, have suggestions for stories or simply have a question or comment.


Neil Aldridge

Visit my main website at www.conservationphotojournalism.com


One Response to “Welcome and introduction…”

  1. hi

    great to meet you during my recent wild dog study tour and wow your pictures turned out great. i will check your blog to get more advice on how to take better pictures on any up and coming wildlife tours i plan to do.


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