Northern light

As the January gloom took hold, I decided to head north for some inspiration. You can see some of my landscape photographs from Scotland and Northern England in the gallery pages of my main website at

When the sun licks the landscapes of Scotland and North Yorkshire, I’m always reminded of the opportunities that the UK has to offer photographers. It is little wonder that true masters of landscape photography like Joe Cornish photograph few other locations. I, on the other hand, am readily drawn home to the wilds of Africa where the biodiversity and therefore the opportunities are perhaps more varied. Conscious of my carbon footprint however, I am seeking out more and more opportunities within the UK and Europe when I can and getting results from expeditions like this latest trip north may be harder fought but they are just as rewarding.

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3 Responses to “Northern light”

  1. very nice! molto belle 🙂

  2. Jenny Parsons Says:

    Looked at Joe Cornish’s work- amazing! Love the plateauscapes

    • neilaldridge Says:

      Thanks Jenny. Yeah, Joe’s a real master of his craft. His work is inspirational. It’s very easy to lose oneself (and find oneself again) in his gallery in Northallerton.

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