‘Underdogs’ launch at London exhibition

The last few months have been long, relatively sleepless but hopefully fruitful. My project on African wild dogs is finally approaching its launch at the 28 Stories exhibition in London on Wednesday 9 December. On show will be my book Underdogs: The Fight to Save South Africa’s Wild Dogs as well as photographs from the project so please join me at the private view from 6pm on the 9th.

Underdogs deals with the fight to save South Africa’s remaining wild dogs, a population that echoes the issues facing wild dog conservation across Africa. The African wild dog carries the unenviable title of the continent’s second most endangered carnivore and estimated numbers are tumbling towards just 3,000 across a continent whose human population recently topped one billion.

This will hopefully be the first of many guises the project will take and so I’m looking forward to 2010 already! After all, with the priviledge I feel having shared the world of five packs over the last 12 months, I don’t take my responsibility to these dogs lightly.


3 Responses to “‘Underdogs’ launch at London exhibition”

  1. Hello Neil,
    We met last July in Venetia and Mashatu and I have been following your blog. I would like to attend the private view. Do I require an invitation?
    Best wishes

  2. Adam Cormack Says:


    How did your exhibition go?

  3. Hello Neil,
    It was nice to meet you again. I was very impressed with your book and look forward to it’s publication. I also enjoyed the exhibition.

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